1.2 Yola

1.2 Module 1 Yola

We are silent when we see that all the money of all the nations has come into the hands of a few men; which we seem to tolerate and to permit with the more equanimity, because none of these robbers conceals what he is doing. - CICERO

Welcome to your Toolkit Partner. Throughout the course material you will find

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See if your domain you have in mind is available. Whatsapp Paul Joubert @ 079 219 6735 or test by going to co.za (no http or www in front)

Click on Who Is

Enter your preferred domain name

📷 See Screenshot 1.2.1 Screenshot Domain Administration

📷 See Screenshot 1.2.2 Screenshot No Matches

Your query has generated the following reply:-

Search on edkber (.co.za)
Match: No Matches
    This domain has not been registered through the legacy system. Further information may be available from the 
    Central Registry Whois

If the domain is available, your can register it through IGNITE NORTH @ R39 per month (billed a year in advance), or make use of your own ISP. An annual renewal fee of R99 (apart from your monthly subscription fee) will be applicable should you make use of the IGNITE NORTH option. IGNITE NORTH is a registered Domain Reseller at Host Africa.

Once completed, you need to link this domain to Yola (if you are going to build the site yourself).

Introducing Sitebuilder+

The easiest way to get online fast. Create a beautiful, professional website on a desktop, mobile, or tablet in minutes using the entire library of pre-designed blocks.

Go to http://www.yola.com


📷 See Screenshot 1.2.3 Screenshot Introducing Sitebuilder+

💡 Yola is a website builder and website hosting company headquartered in San Francisco. However, it was founded in Cape Town, South Africa. People without programming and graphic design skills can make web sites using Yola. Its drag and drop system allows users to incorporate widgets without knowing HTML.

Select a website template

Unsure which template to pick? Don't worry, you can easily switch templates at any time without losing any of your content. Under ALL, scroll down and select TOWSON for uniformity of all domains using this platform. However, you may choose any TEMPLATE that resonates with you.

Our templates are filled with default content like images and text pieces. All this content is changeable, yet choosing a template that caters to your business may be handy. We grouped all templates into categories for your convenience.

Choosing the right template

The first step in creating your website is choosing its layout from an extensive gallery of professionally designed templates. 

Our templates are filled with default content like images and text pieces. This content can be changed to your own, yet we advise you to choose a template that caters to your business.

Yola templates’ main features

  • Agency-quality design: Our professional design team has crafted each template design. 
  • Design automation: Templates automatically adjust whether you remove or add blocks which safeguards you from mistakes or having an unattractive site.
  • Mobile-friendliness: Each template is developed and designed to deliver a user-friendly mobile experience. You can edit your template on any device, knowing that it will have a consistent professional look and feel across all platforms and on screens of any size.
  • Multi-purpose website designs: Each template design supports all content types, including product descriptions, team introductions, testimonials, pricing, booking, contact pages, and many others.  
  • Clear customization: Activate settings and edit menus by hovering over or clicking. Change content on the page and immediately see how your website will look to your visitors.
  • Block duplication: Duplicate any template block or element to customize it without risking the look of your blocks.
  • Prominent elements: Each template contains customizable buttons that prompt visitors to perform the desired action (booking a demo, buying your product, or learning more about your services). 

Template gallery

Once you decide to create a site with Yola, the first place you access is the Template gallery. Here you can choose the template for your site. Use the convenient category list to find the best-suited design for your website or business quickly.

Once you are happy with the way the template fits your online presence needs, click Use this template at the top-right corner and start building your site. 

If you want to keep looking for a perfect template, click Back in the top-left corner of your screen.

Online Store-specific templates

If you want to create an Online Store or add an Online Store block to your site, you can choose one of our Online Store-specific website templates. They already contain an Online Store block; therefore, you will require less time to build your site.

Note: You will need to manually add your own products to your Online Store. Review this tutorial to learn how it’s done.

Choosing a template on mobile 

You can access the Template Gallery on any mobile device. You don't need a separate site-building app to browse template designs and install a template on your site. 

💡 In February 2012, Yola introduced a fully functional online store that provides shopping cart functionality and gateways for various payment providers among other things. It is priced as a $10.00 per month add on for customers with a hosting package. The online store feature is being developed and maintained by a company called ECWID. Yola users can now integrate this store widget into their websites via simple drag and drop. While this addition has been well received, critics point out that Yola will now be dependent on an external company for the development of one of their key features.

📷 See Screenshot 1.2.4 Screenshot Select a website Template

Once you click on a template, you can see it full-scale. Preview it on various devices by clicking the respective button.You can return to the Template Gallery to choose a different template by clicking Back in the top-left corner. 

📷 See Screenshot 1.2.5 Screenshot Select Towson

At your top right of your screen, you will see three sized rectangulars, with a USE THIS TEMPLATE next to it. The three rectangulars represent 1) your desktop, 2) your Tablet and 3) your mobile. Please bear in mind that

Click on USE THIS TEMPLATE, once you have decided which one will suit your action plan.

You can build your website on any device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, and you do not need a specific app for this. Start by opening your Yola account in your device’s browser, and you will access the Sitebuilder from your Dashboard.

📷 See Screenshot 1.2.6 Screenshot Mobile Friendly

Welcome, Paul!

With Yola, building a website is as easy as ABC. But if you find yourself stuck at any point, our award-winning customer support team is ready to help you.

This onboarding flow will help you build your professional website in just a few hours. We encourage you to complete it! Welcome, Paul!

Either click on GET STARTED or SKIP ONBOARDING. We suggest you complete the GET STARTED section.

Step 3. Enter the website name

At this step, you can enter your website name. Type in your website name into the respective field. I have used my name and surname as domain name i.e. www.pauljoubert.co.za

Note: The website name is not your site address, and you can change it later if needed. This name is for your website identification in the My Yola dashboard, if you want to build more than one website.

Once you’re done entering your site name, click Finish setup in the bottom right corner of the page.

After completing the above steps, you will be redirected to the Sitebuilder. Your new site has a basic layout: header, several content blocks with demo images and placeholder text, and a footer. Now you can fully concentrate on adding your own content and additional blocks if needed.

Tip: There is an extensive collection of tutorials to help you get started with adding content, managing your website settings, and getting around the Sitebuilder. We especially recommend reading the Basics – Getting started section.

You can add or remove blocks, edit the content and manage your site settings right from your phone. For more information about editing your website on a mobile device, take a look at our dedicated section, Mobile Sitebuilder

📷 See Screenshot 1.2.7 Screenshot Get Started

💡 Today, Yola has more than 10 million users and hosts 50 million pages across both dedicated and shared domains.

📷 See Screenshot 1.2.8 Screenshot Paul Joubert

📷 See Screenshot 1.2.9 Screenshot Add your business details

At WEBSITE LOGO choose file, download the Favicon (titled RCoT Favicon below) we have issued for this purpose. What is a favicon (image/logo)?

  • an icon associated with a particular website, typically displayed in the address bar of a browser accessing the site or next to the site name in a user's list of bookmarks.

What is a favicon used for?

  • Favicons are used in browser tabs, browser history, toolbar apps, bookmarks dropdown, search bar, and search bar recommendations. In all of these, especially in the bookmarks and history tabs, that consist of lists of URLs all looking the same, the favicon makes it faster to find that website you're looking for.


📷 See Screenshot 1.2.10 Screenshot Favicon

Download PDF 1.2.11 Political Party Funding Act Regulations (also see usb)

1.2.11 Political Party Funding Act Regulations 2021.pdf

📰 Newspaper Clip • 19 October 2021

The most recent candidate list for the province shows just more than 80 ward candidates are registered – an increase of more than 30% in the number of wards where independent candidates are campaigning alongside those nominated by parties and civic organizations.

Nationally the number of independent candidates for the local elections from 2011 to 2016 increased by more than 13% from 754 to 855.

Close to 80 local parties and civic organizations are registered in the Western Cape to contest the elections with representative candidates in addition to the parties with which voters are more familiar.

Close to 40% than these organizations declare themselves to be outright civic associations not aligned to or primarily concerned with party-political representation.

In 2016 the number of parties and organizations contesting the local election in the Western Cape were 76.

This year the “non-traditional” parties and organizations as a cohort already are more than the total of 2016 – it’s about the daily needs and particular interests of residents, they would claim.

These increases may be read as a promising signal for what the future of citizen activity may hold. Yet, it is the actual voter turnout that will show if these developments have been able to galvanize broader citizen involvement with the elections as an important feature of a mature democracy, even if only one among several. Still, the steady increase of independent candidacy and civic organizations contesting the municipal elections may be indicative of how society and citizens respond to the politics of the day, especially this year, with what seems to be sharper increases than before.

The relationship between three connected endeavours in the life of a society offer productive perspectives to explore the reasons for the increases – continuing political dramas, the nature of civic organizing, and the levels of citizens provocation.

“Political dramas” refer to actual political events and the role political actors play in developing situations, as well as how the state, media and citizens respond to events in public and private discourses.

“Civic organizing” refers to how diverse communities come together to design, establish and work with public forums and structures to address concerns, promote interests or protest in their own interest. When citizens organize in this way they create civic organizations – the civics, which may set not only service delivery as their agenda, but a variety of concerns that may be cultural, linguistic, and religious, among others. What makes them similar is an underlying commitment to be a voice for the concerns and rights of a particular group.

“Citizen provocation” refers to the multitude of overt and hidden ways with which citizens are frustrated and taunted, either intentionally or not, into some form of protest, either as individuals or as part of a group.

This form of provocation is most evident in the intimate spaces of the family and community, where people freely share their perceptions of, and angers at, political dramas and even the civics. It relates to the broader combination of public discourse, media reporting and everyday conversations.

Arguably then, it is how the political dramas of society combine with the way citizens organize for their unique interests, and with what provocative images and messages they face every day, which determine the extent of their independent action.

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